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The 0 to 100 Challenge

Enter to win a world FREE of excuses!

Westfield Cyclesports, FasCat Coaching, and the Dust Bowl 100 have combined forces to provide one person the challenge of a lifetime - the 0 to 100 Cycling Challenge!

Do you or someone you know have the desire to test your limits by completing Indiana's longest gravel race, the Dust Bowl 100?  But maybe your current fitness level or lack of equipment make that seem impossible?  That's where we come in.

We're providing one person a fully supported fitness journey from 0 to 100.  The 0 is arbitrary - it can mean something different to everyone.  To some, it might mean a current fitness level of 0.  To others it might mean 0 experience in endurance sports; or 0 experience cycling; or 0 experience riding gravel; or 0 experience racing, etc.  And as you guessed, the end goal, 100, is completion of the 2022 Dust Bowl, a 100 mile gravel bicycle race. 


The one person selected by us for the 0 to 100 Cycling Challenge will receive the following:

  • Free entry* to the 2022 Dust Bowl 100 (July 23, 2022, in Eminence, Indiana)

  • Dust Bowl 100 cycling jersey to wear on race day

  • Vaast Gravel Bike and Wahoo Trainer (on loan from Westfield Cyclesports to use from January through July)

  • Cycling shoes, pedals, helmet, and training kit from Westfield Cyclesports

  • Personalized training plan and coaching from FasCat Coaching

In return, the winner will need to take us on their journey by posting bi-weekly updates to social media, tracking their training progress and rides.

You can submit your own entry, or submit an entry on behalf of your friend of family member.  To submit an entry, fill out the form below.  As part of the submission process you should also post a short video (60 seconds or less) to YouTube, Facebook, and/or Instagram telling us why you (or your friend/family member) should be chosen to participate in the 0 to 100 Challenge.

Submissions are due by Sunday, January 23rd, and the winner will be announced the week of Monday, January 24th.

*We have reserved one entry into the 2022 Dust Bowl 100 for the person selected to participate in the 0 to 100 Challenge, so even if the event sells out before the January 23rd submission deadline the free entry is guaranteed.  That said, it is highly encouraged to not wait until the 0 to 100 Challenge winner is announced before registering in case the event has already sold out and you are not selected for the 0 to 100 Challenge.  If you end up being chosen as the 0 to 100 Challenge participant and have already registered for the event, your entry fee (along with all processing fees) will be fully refunded to you. 


0 to 100 Challenge Submission Form

Once you've posted your short video clip, please fill out the form below to complete your entry.

I am entering on behalf of:

Thanks for entering the 0 to 100 Challenge!